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TED Talks

Dan Meyer: "Math Curriculum Makeover"


In this TED Talk Dan talks about how students need more mathematical reasoning. In order to allow students to do more mathematical reasoning, we need to step away from the textbooks that make things too easy and give students more open ended questions so they can develop and use their mathematical reasoning.


Making math problems more meaningful and require more thinking. Allowing students to create the problem and steps rather than just fill in a formula.


Dan Meyer addresses the need to create realistic and authentic problems to solve in mathematics. He instructs on how to create patient problem solvers. He is my hero.


The speaker discusses how to have students think on their own to solve real world problems. He also shows mathematics reform in how to not teach mathematics for the 21st century.


Dan Meyer discusses how we must teach students how to problem solve using real word applications. Not how to solve problems. He shows how to make story problems more challenging to bring even the math-phobic students into the conversation




Turning trash into toys for learning


Arvind Gupta shows common trash found on the streets of India turned into tools for teaching STEM concepts.




Baba shiv: Sometimes it's good to give up the drivers seat




Susan Cain: The power of introverts.


There's zero correlation between being the best talker and having the best ideas.” It is OK to be the way you are no matter your rowdiness or lack of rowdiness. Solitude is OK.

Always sitting in a meeting, generally the last person who speaks up has some of the best ideas. The introverts are thinkers who take in others ideas, modify it, and then to come up with the best ideas.




Peter Norvig: The 100,000-student classroom


Norvig discussed how he and a colleague set up an online college course that had students from all over the world. Their key point was that you have to teach the class in a way that most closely replicates one on one learning. To do that they offered short videos (ranging from two to four minutes), and online tutoring / collaboration possibilities.





Dianna Cohen: Tough Truths about Plastic Pollution


The speaker talks about plans to clean up plastic in the ocean. Her view changes when she realizes this will not solve the problem. The problem is the amount of plastic we use on a daily basis. Until this is reduced the problem will continue. Reduce is the best option.


Cain explores the values of introverts in a society designed around extroverted ideals. She also addresses the implications for schools and the workplace specifically.




Gever Tulley 5 Dangerous things you should let your kids do.


He is one of the founders of the Tinkering School (http://www.tinkeringschool.com/). I plan to send my kids there when they turn 8 yrs old. The summary is that fear cannot replace safety. Let kids explore with things that society has deemed to be too dangerous (knives). They also wrote a book: http://www.amazon.com/Fifty-Dangerous-Things-Should-Children/dp/0984296107




How simple ideas lead to scientific discoveries


Discoveries come from simple questions and observations using our eyes, ears, and minds. Science has fields of study; we are all explorers, and our curiosity can change the world.




Arthur Benjamin does "Mathemagic"

Arthur Benjamin does a few tricks in which he shows he is faster than a calculator.




Tracy Chevalier: Finding the story inside the painting.

An author discusses how she creates stories based on the artwork that she is drawn to in an art gallery. This could be a great video to show my LA students, to help them with creative writing. Could also work in an art class to model how to appreciate artwork.



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