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Revolutionary War - Kenowa Hills

Subject(s): Social Studies & Language Arts
School: Kenowa Hills
 Grade Level: 8th grade


Social Studies
Students will be exploring what it was like to live in the late 1700’s. Each group will create a newspaper with articles about different aspects of life during the Revolutionary War. Articles will range from battles to types of food. Groups will also be asked to video tape a short news broadcast highlighting some of their favorite stories.


Language Arts
Students will peer edit and review the social studies news articles. L.A. students will be looking for errors in grammar, sentence structure and if an article could be considered propaganda for the time period. L.A. students will also act as the audience for the S.S. student’s news broad cast

Driving Question: Lobsterback or Yankee Doodle- what path would you have taken during the Revolutionary War? 
To learn more about this project, click here: Revolutionary_War-Kenowa.pdf


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