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Fairy Tales

Subject(s): ELA/SS
School: Newaygo Middle School
 Grade Level: 6th grade
Author(s): Simons, Whittle, Sandy   
Synopsis: ´╗┐Students explore the transmission of folktales over time and continent to evaluate their validity as a literary genre. By reading and analyzing a variety of folktales, students will realize the cultural implications of the genre. Students will create and perform their own original folktale in the form of a script that combines and modernizes talks that they read. After looking at different folktales from around the world, students must think about and create a story to explain a tale that could occur in Newaygo.

Driving Question: How would a fairytale change if set today in Newaygo?

  • How does the setting affect the protagonist problem?
  • How does the change in time affect the value of a folktale?
To learn more about this project, click here: Fairy_Tales_of_Yesterday-Newaygo.pdf


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