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STEM MI-Champions Project Gallery


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View the work of teachers who have developed and implemented PBL units and/or mini-units. Feel free to download, and use the PBL as a template for your work with students. We appreciate your feedback.


View additional K - 12 projects on the Project Gallery page.


Middle School Projects

Language Arts/Communication/Literature Science/Technology/Math Social Sciences/Music/Others

Fairy Tales of Yesterday Living Today

Grade: 6,  Subject(s): ELA/SS

Biome Adventures

Grade: 6,  Subject(s): Science/SS/Math

Bon Apetit!

Grade: 8,  Subject(s): Algebra

Poetry Slam

Grade: 8, Subjects(s): English/Music

What's In Your Water?

Grade: 7,  Subject(s): Science

Are We Doomed? Mayans

Grade: 6,  Subject(s): SS/Sci/ELA/Tech/PE

Read to Succeed

Grades: 6/7/8, Subject(s): ELA/Math/Resource, Sci


Grade: 8,  Subject(s): Science/Math

Revolutionary News

Grade: 8,  Subject(s): SS/ELA

Student Voice

Grades: 6, Subject(s): Resource Writing/Tech/Rdg 

Cell Phones

Grade: 6,  Subject(s): Honors Math


Understanding Informational Text

Grade:7, Subjects: ELA/SpecEd/Lit/Math/Sci/Tech 


Grade: 7,  Subject(s): Science


What a Character!

Grade: 6, Subjects: ELA/Sci 

Improving Lifestyles

Grade: 7, Subject: Science 


Internet Safety

Grade: 8, Subject: Tech


Maddening Microorganisms

Grades: 7/8, Subjects: Sci/ELA/Math/Tech


Making Money

Grade: 8, Subjects: Math/ELA


Natural Disaster

Grade: 7, Subjects: Math 


Next Big Thing

Grade: 7/8, Subjects: Math/Tech/SS


Nuclear Energy

Grade: 7, Subjects: Sci/Math/ELA 



Grade: 7, Subjects: Sci/ELA/SS/Math


Periodic Table

Grade: 7/8, Subjects: Sci/ELA/SS


Survey Your World

Grade: 7, Subjects: Math/Pre-Algebra/Tech 



Grade: 7, Subjects: Sci/SS/Math


To Eat or Not To Eat?

Grade: 7, Subjects: Math/Sci


Wonderful World of Words

Grade: 7/8, Subjects: Sci/SS


Cool Coal  

Grade: 7, Subjects: Sci/SS/ELA/Math


Ouch My Cell!

Grade: 7, Subjects: Sci



Project Pallooza at MACUL 2012



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