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Infectious Diseases

Subject(s): Biology
 Grade Level: 10
Author(s): Kara Kits
Synopsis: Students will create a Public Service Announcement for the CDC regarding a “mystery” pathogen that may be a threat. They will complete several guided research activities relating to viruses and bacteria. In addition, they will use scientific processes to collect and identify possible microorganisms.
Driving Question: How can we stop the spread of infectious disease?

To learn more about this project, click here: KKits Bacteria PBL Lesson Planning Form.pdf

KKits PSA Rubric.pdf


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Comments (2)

John McCarthy said

at 2:03 pm on Jul 7, 2011

There's a good video to use as part of an Entry Event, called The Sneeze. Would be a great lead in to doing the Need To Knows activity. The link is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qKiQA5e-fPg

Also the PSA ivie awards link is changed to http://www.ivieawards.org/

iamchristinehahn@... said

at 11:20 pm on Jan 29, 2014

are there any labs, links, lessons, etc that we can download with this project or is it only an overview that's available? thank you.

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