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Electrical Efficiency Upgrades

Subject(s): Physical Science
 Grade Level: 10-12
Author(s): Phillip Kubitz
Synopsis:  The school has inquired to several energy contractors to come in an upgrade the lighting, heating and cooling in the building to help it run more efficiently and effectively. The school still needs to maintain the power required to run most appliances, technology devices, and other energy draining devices. We are also trying to come into compliance with energy efficient standards set by local, state, and national government regulations. Our challenge is to come up with a plan for the entire process of planning, evaluation of the building, selecting the right contractors, number of quotes, and implementation of a time line from beginning to end of the project.
Driving Question: Are there more benefits to going to more energy efficient products (i.e. green products) verses the traditional electricity grid that the school currently has?
To learn more about this project, click here: Electricity planning.doc


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