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From A Kid's Point of View

Subject(s): Social Studies/LA
 Grade Level: 4
Author(s): Holly Rivest

Students in fourth grade usually believe that you have to be a "grown up" to make a difference in current issues going on in their world.  The idea of this project will be to help guide students to discover a variety of current public issues and help them realize that their opinions can make a difference if conveyed appropriately. 


Project in 3 parts:  1)A given problem; which is the best choice to make at the grocery store, paper or plastic?  Complete an online web quest in a small group where the position you need to defend is given to you. 2) Choose an area of interest to research and write a position paper on.  In this phase, students will choose their position. 3)  In small groups where a position is agreed upon, decide how best to take action.
Driving Question: How do I make my opinion count or matter?

To learn more about this project, click here: hrivest test project


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