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Patriotic Music Project

Subject(s): Music/SS
 Grade Level: 5
Author(s): Pamela Czerkis http://web.mac.com/pczerkis/Music_School/Welcome.html  
Synopsis: ´╗┐Students will brainstorm the common threads between a variety of patriotic music.  (documenting historical facts, strengthening your commitment & connection with our country, providing support for men/women in service, giving comfort to those families/friends who have/are committed to protect to our country) Students will discuss musical elements that cause music to evoke an emotional response.  (tempo, instrumentation, form) Keeping these elements in mind, students will create a PowerPoint presentation to showcase a particular Patriotic song they will learn.  Their presentation will explain how patriotic music can create a stronger sense of community and patriotism.
Driving Question: ´╗┐How can music make you feel more connected to your country?

To learn more about this project, click here: PCzerkis Patriotic Music Project


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