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Wii Love Exercise

Subject(s): ELA/Special Education
 Grade Level: HS
Author(s): Noreen Parker  
Synopsis: ´╗┐Each student will select an activity from the Wii Exercise/Sport program and chart their progress over time. Students will
analyze data through observations, mapping/charts, recording, to assess their formative and summative ability levels. They will, then, present their findings to the class in a style of their choice, which may be: MLA essay format, song, dance, power point presentation, video, or another type of project, subject to teacher approval. This unit will, also, from onset to end, be videotaped into a film that can be shared at a later time.
Driving Question: ´╗┐Does practice make perfect?
To learn more about this project, click here: HS Noreen Parker - Wii Fit.pdf


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