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Subject(s): SS/ELA
 Grade Level: HS
Author(s): Darrin Silvester, Kelly Mandeville  

Synopsis: Throughout the semester, students will learn about baseball and it’s connection to American culture while improving writing skills. At the end of the semester, the students will be engaged in a project where they will determine their narrow focus within the broad topic, organize and manage their own, and create their own system of evaluation and rubrics. During the project the students will find an area that peaks their interest, conduct thorough research through a multitude of resources.


Included in this project, the students are required to read a non-fiction piece of literature about baseball or baseball figures. They must also do an interview, use materials from an archive, and locate and utilize other forms of resources on their topic. All of the students’ researching will result in a final product that includes a public presentation of their findings, a technological aid (power point, website, etc), and a written component.

Driving Question: Is American culture reflected in baseball?
To learn more about this project, click here: HS Darrin Silvester & Kelly Mandeville - Baseball.pdf


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