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Amazing Race--US Regions

Subject(s): SS/ELA/Technology
 Grade Level: 4
Author(s): Myla Lee
Synopsis: As a class, the students will create an Amazing Race challenge for another class. Students are put into production groups to create a show segment for The Amazing Race. Each group will:
  • represent the different United States regions.
  • investigate the various types of geographical regions (e.g., political regions, economic regions, land form regions, vegetation regions)
  • create a digital poster or poster board presentation to be posted on classroom wiki for study reference
  • include an “ artifact ” (e.g. geographic tools/ technologies, stories, songs, and pictures) to further describe their specific region.
As a class, students will p resent their final product and regional artifacts to another class as an Amazing Race challenge. Ultimately, the students will reflect on what they learned and write about how do other regions in the United States influence their lives?
Driving Question: How do other regions in the United States influence my life?

To learn more about this project, click here: g4 Social Studies -Amazing Race US Regions 2010.pdf

PBL Final Assess_Rubrics ML2010.pdf


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