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Quilting with Geometry

Subject(s): Math, ELA, Art, Technology  Grade Level: 4
Author(s): DeSmet & Maslowski  
Synopsis: Setting the stage for developing a sense of spatial relationships and mastering the concepts and language of geometry, students will read various trade books and complete a geometry walk to observe geometry used in the everyday world. Using patterns, symmetry and geometric shapes, students in groups of 3 will create a quilt square designed from hypothetical instructions written by a classroom teacher who sews quilts. Before designing their quilt square, each member will be assigned a role to research the different designs. Using information learned from the WebQuest, each group will analyze and critique the qualities and geometric components of the design of each quilt, then create a quilt square using what they have learned about patterns, shapes and symmetry. Upon completion of the group design, each student will complete a one page rationale about their design identifying the geometric pattern by stating their rules and how they extended the pattern by generalizing and showing the symmetry of the quilt square.
Driving Question: How can we create a work of art for interpreting, understanding and appreciating our geometric world?

To learn more about this project, click here: g4 Math - ELA - Art -Quilting with Geometry 2010.pdf


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