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Plant vs Animal Class Pet Proposal

Subject(s): Science/ELA  Grade Level: 2nd
Author(s):  Tracy Dex

Synopsis: In groups students will research the needs of taking care of a class plant and animal to determine which one would be the best choice for our classroom. Students will need to research the needs of the plant vs. animal, cost of taking care of the plant vs. the animal, and the amount of care for the plant vs. the animal including the time needed.


Groups will need to make a decision about which would make a better classroom pet through reasoning and observations. Students will put together a proposal for this class pet and present their findings to a panel make up of teachers, principal, and custodian. The panel will choose our class pet based on the presentation and proposal that met the needs of the pet and the classroom.

Driving Question: What would make a good classroom pet?

To learn more about this project, click here: g2 Science -Plant+vs+Animal+Class+Pet+Proposal 2009.pdf


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