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Universal Design for Learning

UDL Entry Event:


Watch this video about the power of removing barriers to learning.



Explore UDL:

Check out these two approaches to teaching the chemistry lesson on Limiting Reagents.


Traditional Lesson
UDL Lesson             
reagents__barriers_solutions_worksheet(1).doc blank_barriers_solutions_worksheet(2).doc


Essential Elements in a UDL Lesson:

  • Choice, Challenge, Novelty
  • Connected, relevant learning
  • Multiple ways to represent information
  • Alternatives to text
  • Support for text comprehension
  • Flexible technology-based materials, strategies and tools
  • Mechanism for rapid response to learners; feedback
  • Multiple ways for students show what they know
  • Active student-centered methods
  • Conspicuous support for learning new strategies


More about Universal Design For Learning:


Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is an educational framework that guides the development of flexible learning environments, instructional materials, curricula, and educational activities so that they are achievable and challenging for students with a wide range of abilities and needs. UDL is a research-based approach to teaching, learning and assessment that draws on research in the learning sciences, and new media technologies to respond to individual learner differences and interests.







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