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A PBL Experience

Driving Question                                                                                                    

How can we effectively show the beneficial impact of PBL on learning?


Description  Results
As a Teacher Leader, explaining the value of PBL is critical towards getting buy-in from teachers, administrators, and other stakeholders. Your team is charged with the task to develop a multi-media-based presentation to help others understand the beneficial impact of PBL on student learning. This "message" must effectively communicate your understanding of the Driving Question:  

How can we effectively show the beneficial impact of PBL on learning?

An electronic copy will be posted on this site in the Results section.



  • Use a minimum of 6 visuals to a maximum of 10 visuals.
    (ex. visuals might be photos, video, etc.) 
  • Display work in a multimedia file (ex. Powerpoint, Windows Movie Maker) 
  • May use a maximum of 6 words in the file.
  • Present connections of the multimedia file to the Driving Question.
  • Model Collaboration, Communication, Critical Thinking, and Innovation. 
  • Follow the Rubric in composing the file and presenting your thinking. 











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