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View the work of teachers who developed and implemented PBL units/mini-units. Feel free to download and use the PBL as a template for your work with students. We appreciate your feedback.


View additional middle school projects on the STEM-MI Champions Gallery page.


Elementary  Projects


Grades: Pre-K to 1 Grades: 2nd to 3rd Grades: 4th to 5th

Who's Who at Our School

Grade: PreK-K,  Subject(s): SS/ELA

Living in a Democracy

Grade: 3,  Subject(s): SS

Read All About It

Grade: 4-6,  Subject(s): ELA/Tech

Getting to Know the Adults at Our School

Grade: PreK-K,  Subject(s): SS

Plant vs. Animal Class Pet Proposal

Grade: 2,  Subject(s): Science

Creating A Virtual Trade Museum

Grade: 3-5 ,  Subject(s): SS/Tech

How to Map It

Grade: 1-2,  Subject(s): SS/Math

Simple Machines

Grade: 2,  Subject(s): Science

Quilting With Geometry

Grade: 4,  Subject(s): Math/ELA/Tech/Art

Mapping It Out

Grade: 1-2,  Subject(s): SS/Geography

Classroom Behavior

Grade: 2,  Subject(s): SS

Amazing Race--US Regions

Grade: 4,  Subject(s): SS/ELA/Tech

Our Special Families

Grade: 1,  Subject(s): SS/Math

Fairy Tale Map

Grade: 2,  Subject(s): SS

More Bang For Your Buck

Grade: 6,  Subject(s): Math/Tech

Weather and You

Grade: K-1,  Subject(s): Science

Passport to Our World

Grade: 2,  Subject(s): SS

Creature Features

Grade: 4,  Subject(s): Science

School Store-Sensory Museum

Grade: K-1,  Subject(s): Math/SS

Pure Rockford

Grade: 2-3,  Subject(s): Social Studies/Tech/ELA

Patriotic Music Project

Grade: 5,  Subject(s): Music/SS


Endangered Animals

Grade: 3,  Subject(s): ELA/Science

From a Kid's Point of View

Grade: 4,  Subject(s): SS/LA


Michigan Explorers

Grade: 3,  Subject(s): SS

Piece Be With You

Grade: 5,  Subject(s): Math


Michigan Tourist

Grade: 3,  Subject(s): SS


What is Multiplication?

Grade: 3,  Subject(s): Math/Tech


Historians of Today

Grade: 2,  Subject(s): ELA


Middle School Projects

Language Arts/Communication/Literature Science/Technology/Math Social Sciences/Music/Others

A Myth for the 21st Century

Grade: 7 ,  Subject(s): ELA

Felix Mystery

Grade: 6-7,  Subject(s): Science/ELA/Tech

Masters of Disaster  

Grade: 6,  Subject(s): SS/ELA

Forever World

Grade: 6,  Subject(s): LA/Tech/Sci/SS

Designing Using Perimeter/Area

Grade: 5-6,  Subject(s): Math/Special Ed

Same and Different

Grade: 7,  Subject(s): SS/ELA

Tell A Digital Story

Grade: 7,  Subject(s): LA/Tech

Weather Charts

Grade: 8,  Subject(s): Science/Math


Grade: 8,  Subject(s): SS


Seeds in Space

Grade: 8,  Subject(s): Science

Party Like This, Not That

Grade: 6-7,  Subject(s): PE/Health


Water, Water Everywhere~Will It Last?

Grade: 7,  Subject(s): Science/Tech

You Go, Girl!

Grade:7 ,  Subject(s): SS


As the Ball Rolls

Grade: 8-Algebra 1,  Subject(s): Math/Sci


Multimedia Projects to Help Young Readers

Grade: 8,  Subject(s): Tech/LA


Assignment Presentations w/Multimedia

Grade: 7/8,  Subject(s): Tech/LA/Art/Music/SS


Aquifers in the Eastern U.P.

Grade: 8,  Subject(s): Earth Science


Pass It On

Grade: 7,  Subject(s): Science


High School Projects

English/Communication/Literature Science/Technology/Math Social Sciences/Music/Others

Graphic Novels

Subject: ELA

Roller Coaster

Subject: Physics

Honoring Veterans

Subject: US History

Book Trailers  


Building Bridges

Subject: Geography, Physics

Domestic Policy

Subject: US History

Writers Community

Subject: ELA 


Subject: Biology


Subject: Human Services Exploration

Stop the Violence!  

Subject: English



Concert Symphony

Subject: Orchestra/Music


Subject: ELA/SS 

Video Production


Wii Love Exercise

Subject: Special Ed/ELA

Snooping Out the Snopey Truth

Subject: English/Tech

Water Quality

Subject: Geophysical Science

Our World and Others

Subject: Spanish

Life Journey

Subject: World Literature

Buy or Lease

Subject: Algebra 1

President for a Day

Subject: American History

Leaving Home

Subject: English/SS

Hydroponics - Lettuce Grow!

Subject: Biology

Employability Skills

Subject: Business


Barbie Bungee

Subject: Algebra 1

Career Research & Job Portfolio

Subject: Business/Careers


As the Ball Rolls

Subject: 8th Math-Algebra 1

Big or Small? Gov't for All

Subject: US History


Electrical Efficiency Upgrades

Subject: Physical Science

Recession or Depression?

Subject: US History/ELA/Tech


Infectious Diseases

Subject: Biology

Personal Economics

Subject: Economics


Got Data?

Subject: Geophysical Science/Math/ELA


Mathematical Mackinac

Subject: Algebra 1



Project Pallooza at MACUL 2010 (MI Champions 2009-10):



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