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Modules Table of Contents

The steps to develop a standards-focused project, and better understand PBL, are listed here. Modules 0-2 address how to use this site to maximize your participatory learning and the core of PBL. The rest of the module digs into developing your PBL unit/mini unit. If you are building a PBL experience from scratch, and already understand the concept of Standards-Focused PBL, start with Module 3. If you have an existing project and are looking to revise or tweak it, start at the module that bests suits you; although, you should at least read through all of the modules to build familiarity with the approach we are taking. Facilitated Cohorts need to go through all modules and reflections.




Driving Question

  Nuts and Bolts: Needs for Maximizing Your Learning Experience How does developing and implementing a standards-focused project-based learning unit/mini unit deepen learning, increase engagement, and make stronger connections of content to relevance?

What is Standards-Focused PBL?

1 What & Why of Standards-Focused PBL


  • Develop a Standards Focused Project to implement for students.
  • Understand how PBL supports rigor and relevance within context of relationships.
2 Anatomy of Standards Focused PBL (Unit/Mini Unit)

How are Project-Based Ideas Developed?

3 Begin with the End in Mind  
4 Identify Key Standards for Learning Experience  
Developing the Driving Question  

How will students demonstrate learning?

6 Planning and Developing the Assessment  
7 Identifying and Creating Effective Rubrics  

What's under the hood of the PBL engine?

8 Mapping the Project  
9 Managing the Process  

What final considerations support PBL implementation?

10 Putting the Finishing Touches  
11 Conducting a Critical Friends  
12 Reflections on the PBL Development Process  


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