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Annotated Bibliography

Here are a variety of resources that support good instructional practice and enrich PBL for quality planning and student learning. Use this link to share your ideas and resources. Thank you.


PBL books published by BIE

Important books that break down the components of standards-focused project-base learning. Guides teachers towards developing effective projects as quality units of study.


Authentic Learning Experiences: A Real World Approach to Project-Based Learning by Dayna Laur


Lynn Erickson. Stirring the Head, Heart, and Soul: Redefining Curriculum, Instruction, and Concept-Based Learning (2008)

Lynn Erickson. Concept-Based Curriculum and Instruction for the Thinking Classroom (2007)

Grant Wiggins and Jay McTigheUnderstanding by Design, Expanded 2nd Edition (2005) [Resource list + Google Books]

These books address developing quality units that are rigorous, relevant, and approachable for students. Wiggins and McTighe are widely known for their framework of unit design. Lynn Erickson’s approach, while similar, does an excellent job of transitioning philosophy/pedagogy to practical implementation, especially when developing driving questions based on Big Ideas. All of the authors provide an excellent structure for improving the quality of unit design and instruction.


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