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012 Finding Pages and Files

PBworks differentiates between "Pages" and "Files."  Pages are the wiki pages that are a part of the workspace.  Files are images or documents (for example, a PDF or a Word document) that have been uploaded to the workspace.  Be sure to choose the correct type of search or the item you are looking for may not appear.


Step 1: Click on “Pages and Files” tab at the top of the wiki window.



Step 2: Type in the name of the page you are looking for in the “Search” box.  (Because the "All Pages" button is highlighted, only PBworks pages will be searched.  To search for an image or an uploaded document, click the "All Files" button instead.)



Step 3: Hit “Return” and then click on the name of the page (the page name will appear below the “Search” box).


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