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009 Managing the Process

As you near the completion of developing the project, how students learn and will process their understanding of knowledge, concepts, and skills is an important concern. The structures are built, now it's time to make sure that the inner workings are finely tuned. In this module, you will be looking at needs for mini-lessons and workshops to support student learning, and then begin developing them. Remember, the focus is helping students make sense of the learning so that they retain and build deeper connections.


Action Steps

  1. Take the assessment for Principle 5
  2. Complete Design Principle 5: Manage the Process
  3. Revise the PBL Planning Template
  4. Answer the Module Reflection


Complete an Assessment on Design Principle 5: Manage the Process

Continuing to use the KWL strategy, take this assessment for Principle 5. Each assessment page has a self checker for you to do prior to moving on to the next assessment part. Take notes on questions you develop as a result of the assessment results. This will be important for later, when you explore the module.

=>Assessment for Principle 5<=


Complete Design Principle 5: Manage the Process

Part I: Reflect on reading selection

Review this perspective on factors for polishing and managing the learning process. Access Reading.


Part II: Explore online module for Design Principle 5: Manage the Process


Overview: What skills will you need to successfully plan and execute a project?

  • Effective project management teaches students to manage and take responsibility for their own work. Learn how to shift from being the "sage on the stage" to the guide on the side.


Explore: Key steps in developing skills for managing projects

  • Although many of the skills necessary for managing projects develop from experience, there are some key steps that can help you develop the skills necessary for facilitating a successful project. Learn about those key steps here. 


Practice: Practice what you know about your role as manager

  • See how well you remember the skills necessary for managing a project.


Reassess your understanding

  • Reflect on how your understanding has grown or changed.


=>Start Principle 5<=


Revise the PBL Planning Template

It's time to identify needs for mini-lessons and workshops that will be needed to support student learning. These will be inserted into the Project Calendar of the PBL Planning Template. Make use of the listed resources for framing instruction and developing lessons that support learner needs. Also make use of a bank of Managment Tools from PBL-Online.


Teaching Methods



Module Reflection

Answer one of the following questions in Reflection 009


  • What may be the most challenging part to managing the process of student learning for your project?
  • What are the benefits to students for using a constructivist approach to learning?

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