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004 Navigating in a Wiki

There are two basic ways to move from page to page in a wiki workspace.  You may go from one page to another using either “Navigator” or “SideBar.”  Both are located on the right hand side of the screen.  


Using Navigator

Navigator (circled in orange on the right) displays the wiki folder contents as separate screens.  At Navigator’s top level, you will see each of the folders that are a part of the wiki.  Clicking on a folder name will allow you to see the pages that are contained in that folder. You can then view a page by clicking on the name of the page (boxed in orange).


You can easily return to view the list of wiki folders by clicking the “Back” button (circled in blue).


Using SideBar

While Navigator operates like a series of moveable screens, SideBar works more like a table of contents.  Wiki pages are linked directly to their names in the SideBar.  You can access a page by clicking on the name of the page.  Most of the page links in Side Bar will bring you to a page of links that will further connect you to related wiki pages.


Starring Pages

You can easily find the pages you most often visit by starring those pages.  Once a page is starred, it will appear below the "Starred Pages" heading in the Navigator.  Click on the star icon that is just to the left of the wiki page name.



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